The Benefits Of Using Flexible LED Strip Lights with Remote

LED Strip Lights with Remote

By now, most people use LEDs (light emitting diodes) at some point or for some purpose during their everyday lives. This kind of lighting has expanded in use from indicators on circuit boards and display lights on billboards to all kinds of domestic and commercial applications. Also, as a result of their increased popularity, the prices of LED lights have shrunk considerably, with some being as affordable as traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights.

As this technology continues to expand, the types of LED lights have also grown. Among the latest in this lighting segment is the flexible LED light strip. This kind of lighting is among the most versatile types of LED lights based on its design and multifunctional features. Still, there are many persons who use these lights without knowing the benefits of using them. If you are one such person, read on, as this article will delve into the top benefits of investing in and using flexible LED strip lights with remote from Mirage LED.

  1. Environmentally Friendly:

    There have been growing concerns about global warming and climate change, most recently highlighted by the climate march supported by many countries. The truth is, man’s intervention has been thought to be deleterious to the Earth and, if changes are not made very soon, a global catastrophe could happen sooner than later. The popularity of decorative lights is one opportunity that could definitely be used to pull us back from the brink and flexible LED strip lights, especially those with RF remotes, are a great way to start. To begin with, they use far less energy than incandescent and CFL (compact fluorescent lights), thereby reducing the amount of energy that needs to be generated from fossil fuels. Indeed, if these lights are used to fully replace incandescent and CFL decorative lights, the pollution that often results from burning fossil fuels could be reduced dramatically since less energy would be required to run them. Additionally, the best LED strip lights with remote do not produce IR radiation which often is the case with comparative products using IR (infrared) remotes and they don’t contain lead or mercury.

  2. Energy Efficient:

    LEDs are said to be up to 90% more efficient than lights that carry incandescent bulbs and this efficiency holds true for flexible LED strip lights. This is not only good for the environmental aspect, as pointed out earlier, it is also good for the pocket. Comparatively, many LED strip lights may cost a little more than similar incandescent lights but this higher cost is only at the initial stage. Incandescent filaments break easily and even if they don’t, may last for a maximum of 1,000 hours. On the other hand, LEDs are much harder to break and top quality LED strip lights have LED lamps which may last for more than 35,000 hours. As you can see, these lights will not only pay for themselves but will prove to be much cheaper in the long term based on savings derived from lower energy and operational costs.

  3. Multifunctional:

    Lighting is seen as one of the easiest and most versatile ways to enhance the décor of any space. However, most lights are made for particular purposes and certain areas and, as such, makes it necessary for persons to buy additional lights to suit other lighting needs. LED strip lights are among the few exceptions when it comes on to lights which can be used for a myriad of decorative and functional purposes. As a matter of fact, their versatility varies from being suitable at various kind of parties and weddings to providing ambient backlighting to TV and computer monitors. This multifunctional characteristic is attributable to the fact that the strips often come with self-adhesive, double-sided tape and are very flexible. They can also be cut into smaller strips to suit the area in which it is being used. On top of that, some of the latest in these lights are actually RGB LED strip lights, where the RGB color mode that they are programmed with, allow for the lights to be changed to almost any color imaginable. The addition of touch control RF (radio frequency) remotes also make it possible for the lights to operate in various patterns and brightness levels, so they can be adjusted to enhance or create different moods and ambiances. This level of versatility means that persons need not buy a multiplicity of lights for several purposes that could be tackled by LED strip lights.

  4. Encouraging Creativity:

    Many of us do not sufficiently utilize the side of the brain that is creatively driven. That is because, there is often not enough time to do stuff that might be considered as being creative, especially when there are kids around. With flexible LED strip lights being easy to use and set up, it allows persons to express their creativity in a quick and easy manner. Whether decorating for a Halloween party, using them as Christmas lights or for ambient backlighting, one just needs to peel and place the lights and then adjust the settings using the remote. As a matter of fact, children can even be brought in on the act since the lights are kid-friendly. Being easy to use and requiring little time to set up makes it easier for persons to tap into their creative energies, particularly in the area of decorating with lights.

Using flexible LED strip lights with remote produced by Mirage LED is quite beneficial as can be seen and, as the technology improves, the benefits are expected to increase even more.