Protecting Your Leather with the Best Leather Conditioner and Cleaner

Leather ConditionerEver wondered why they even made leather cleaners and conditioners?  Before owning your firstpiece of leather clothing, furniture or accessory, you may have never thought about why you would even need to own a handy leather conditioner.   But, since you got your first leather item which you found that that you become attached to, perhaps to your own surprised, you probably didn’t expect that it would look ugly after a while – you would never have imagined. This could be because you were not familiar with this kind of material before.

What you need to know about your leather

  • They can become old and dry

Leather is mad from hide – the skin of animals.  There are those made from cow skin, pig skin, alligator skin, crocodile skin and some from ostrich and kangarooskin.  As a result of this, leather can lose their moisture and become dry after a while.  At this point, they begin to look wrinkly and old.  If we think about what happens to our own skin withoutapplying moisture for a while we can understand why this happens with our leather.

  • They lose suppleness over time

Since the leather is really animal skin, when it gets old and dry it loses it soft supple feel and becomes quite rough.After a while, especially when the leather is constantly being used it succumbs to weathering.  Much exposure to the sun can cause it to dry out easily which can leave your leather feeling pretty rough.

  • They can be soiled or stained

Like any other material that exists, leather is prone to being stained or soiled if you are not extra careful.  Unfortunately however, it can be stained by water spillage which doesn’t really happen with other clothing materials.  Commonly, a leather jacket for example could get water spilled on it while wearing it.  This is unavoidable especially when it rains.  This can leave huge, ugly watermarks in the jacket for a long time.  Another common incident that occurs, perhaps mostly with leather jackets again and couches, is getting soiled with ink mostly from a leaking pen or accidental markings.

What you can do to treat your leather

If you love and cherish your leather which you might have spent a mighty fortune on, you might want to take great care of it.  How can you do this?  The best way to ensure you are maintaining the great look and feel of your leather is to do regular treatment.  So in order to maintain its moisture and having it looking good as new, you must make theextra effort to clean and condition your leather with a high quality cleaner.

How can you know which leather conditioner is best for your leather?  I like to say, as long as the leather feels good and looks great after cleaning, the leather cleaner you use doesn’t.  this is not quite so.  There are some cleaners that have wax or grease in them that leaves an oily finish on your leather when you’re done.  You don’t want to use those, because they are not good for your leather.  They may leave a sheen that looks good but in the end they are destroying the leather.  Plus, this oily finish makes your leather feel slippery and sticky which is most uncomfortable, especially if you use it on a couch.  So, it is important that you choose a quality formula that does not harm your leather.

Premium Leather Conditioner and Cleaner by Vital Brandz is a wonderful cleaner that is available on Amazon.   This cleaner has a special 2-in-1 formula that can clean and condition your leather at the same time.  Usually while conditioning your leather you are instructed to clean the area with soap and water before applying leather conditioner, but this particular conditioner cleans and conditions in one go.  Now, that not only saves on time but it also savesyou money.

The greatest thing about this leather cleaner conditioner is that it can also remove ink stains from regular pens.  This might take more than one application, but it’s amazing how you can restore your leather from ink marks and water stains with just one product in a short space of time.

Getting started

First come to terms with the fact that your leather no longer looks or feels the way it once did.  Before attempting to clean your leather check the cleaning instructions about the item and once all is well you can go ahead and do your thing!  You will find that it gives you renewed life when you restore the life of your leather.  You might even end up going on a leather cleaning spree, but don’t worry that is completely normal, especially when you see how great Premium leather Cleaner and Conditioner works at removing stains and restoring newness.

A simple application of this special formula, without need to clean with soap and water first, always gets the mind pumping and wanting for more, more leather to bring back to life! Happy leather cleaning!