Kids Craft – Turning Your House Into an Art Gallery with Chalk Pen!

Chalk Pen

When it comes to holiday seasons, we get the opportunity to spend more time with our children.   At this point we try to take them to their favorite places, to the park, summer camps, and so on.  But this time is also ideal to get to know your child more and to bond.

Doing activities with your child is the best way to bond with him or her. This usually gets them excited and busy.   For younger children, especially, art and craft is something they really enjoy.

Keeping the hands busy and working with colours is very attractive to them.  So you might be wondering how you could have fun with your child with less mess because the first thing that might come to mind is painting and the mess that comes with all of that.  But, unless you want a home makeover with handprints of paint on the walls, furniture and on the floor then you might want to use chalk pens.   Chalk pens are liquid base ink markers that can be used on any non-porous surface that are erasable.  So, you can redecorate the walls with chalkboard paper perhaps for a mini project and remove it after a few days.  You can turn you entire house into an art gallery without the great mess to clean up or remove.

Both adults and children enjoy the uniquely branded artist quality chalk pen made by Crafty Croc. Kids fall in love with these pens especially because of the fun mascot that they can associate with.  These croc pens come in 10 vibrant colours that will dazzle the eyes.

Both parent and child can decorate and colour with these bright liquid chalk pens like true artists.  Unlike real chalk, these chalk pens do not leave any toxic lingering residue that can affect the health of either parent or child.  And, unlike regular markers, these can be removed from all non-porous surfaces after use.

The variety of colors including black, white, pale blue, brown, yellow, green, orange, purple, red and pink make these pens perfect for any kind of creative art.   Kids love to make puppets and with these colours they can add all the character to their puppets that they imagine.

Most kids are naturally tempted to make markings on walls and furniture around the house, so having the opportunity to do so with mommy or daddy (well, the illusion of doing so really) is glorious for them.  With the bold and bright colors of croc chalk pens that provides an artist looking coverage, kids will enjoy art and craft with their parents. The chalk pen is amazingly designed give two different tips which gives different effects to your craft.  The tip can be adjusted to your choice of a chisel head at one instance or a bullet head.

Parents, don’t be surprised if you find yourself using this chalk pen more often than your child.  More often than not the pens are used to leave notes on the refrigerator or on the bathroom mirror.  The colors tend to entice the child’s eyes making them more inclined to do these tasks.  This would be seen as fun activities rather than chores or work, because the note was given in a fun way.

Since most children are visual learners, mainly because they have a lower attention span at a young age, using these markers as visual aids and putting up charts and labels around the house keeps their brains acute.

If your kid is long past the toddler stage, the markers are still fun for teens who want to create their own art.  Teenagers especially will enjoy decorating their room walls with pictures and highlights of which parents can be an active part. Generally, once the activity creates something that is useful for their everyday use, teens would enjoy doing crafty works with markers around the house.  For older children, with the aid of parents, the chalk pens can be used when doing science projects, fund raising projects and so on.   They could be used on smaller art projects like decorating a T-shirt, belt, cell phone cases, shoes, bag pack, you name it.

Parents and children find the croc chalk pens easy to use and perfect for small and large art projects because of the easy clean up.  The chalk pens are water based liquid pens, so they do not leave any toxic remains or strong smells that usually trigger allergies.  After use, the croc pens can easily be removed from the hands, and basically any non-porous surface with water.

Using the holiday season can be fun and engaging for parents and children, as long as they find activities that they both enjoy – like arts and craft with chalk pens.  After using the entire house as a canvas of pure fun with your kids, things will never be the same!