How to Use Chalk Markers to Brighten your Day

Chalk Markers

It is proven that a day started with a smile continues along on a happy trajectory for the rest of the day.  Essentially, starting off the day with a few happy reminders and quotes can keep you going for the rest of the day.  You might find that this can turn out to be a more productive day.

One way to ensure you start your day with a smile is to use chalk pens to etch bright reminders on your room wall.  Waking up to a motivational quote puts your mind immediately in that place and gets you focused on that message.  Focusing the mind on positive things gives you a positive outlook of life, and a positive attitude towards everything you do.

Reminders scribbled on bathroom windows also awaken the mind and makes it attuned to that which is significant.  Chalk marker scribbling helps to develop healthy habits or behaviours.  The human mind is likely to forget things, but once the information is constantly seen it will be etched in the mind.  And, eventually, that habit or behaviour you are trying to develop will become second nature to you in no time.  As we know, healthy habits result in healthy living which not only feels good but also looks good.

In a similar way, Gold Star Selections chalk markers highlighting both short and long term goals on various surfaces in your immediate surroundings can keep you focused and motivated throughout the day.  These can serve to rekindle any doubtful flames as you persevere through daily activities.  Sometimes we lose sight of the ultimate reason why we got involved in certain situations and instances and a little reminder can keep us on the right path.

You can try the idea of leaving small appreciation notes at various locations around your room, home or office.  You might think this sounds rather odd, but sometimes we need to show a little more attention and appreciation to ourselves.  Making chalk pen markings of small notes of appreciation at key vantage points where they can be seen throughout your daily routines can help you to appreciate yourself and whatever it is that you do.

The more you see the notes, the more you become attuned to who you are and what you do.  This helps to lift the spirit as you are reminded of how important you are in the bigger scheme of things.

Whether you are a loner or not, love notes make you happy.  Etching love notes to a special person or to family and friends or for yourself helps to lift the spirit.  Making inconspicuous notes in unexpected ways with bright colorful chalk markers on various surfaces, made easy with erasable chalk markers, can make a great difference for the day.

You can be creative with the quotes and notes when using chalk markers.  Make artistic style drawings and writings with bold thick lines and thin lines and in various bright colors.  Add a few decorative elements, for example, putting a frame around the quote, adding some specked dots, stars or just a favorite shape, animal or item.