Can Social Media Become A Form Of Entertainment?

Online social entertainment is the new term that propped up in today’s age where the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is at its heyday. It is based on how one gets to be so engaged in experiences in content and people. Social media has become so popular in today’s generation that because of it, watching TV, listening to radio or watching movies has been dislodged on the top part. Many people are now so engrossed about what social media can bring that it has even been made into a form of entertainment. The social networking sites, though not really considered as a part of the entertainment industry, have been constantly adding value to the consumer experiences.

But what exactly will be the impact of the social media sites that are traversing into the territory of being part of the entertainment world? Will the social media sites have impact as pervasive as those that traditional media (television, and or radio) have? In certain research studies, it has been found out that social media has been slowly making a mark that in no time it will eclipse the traditional media in the influence sphere. Since there are no clear laws and legislature about the use of the social media networks, it has become a venue for freedom of content. There is huge room in how freedom of content is being delivered in social media platform when compared to the traditional media.

Because there seems to be no clear laws regarding the use of social media sites, it has become an avenue for many to use it as an instrument to become a source of influence in information dissemination. There are now many people becoming popular on social media, such as YouTube, and there are many stars born out from it. This is a proof of how influential social media has become, that in fact, it can make stars and celebrities out from obscurity. This is a clear picture of how fast the growth of social media influence has to the world of entertainment.

And because of this seemingly fast trajectory of social media in winning people’s hearts, it has now become an avenue where many people spend their time to get entertained when they have free time. Slowly, gone will be the days where breaks are spared for watching televisions shows; instead, watching people doing covers of songs from popular hit makers will become the norm.

The age of social media, is also the age of new platform of entertainment. It is the age where many people get to behold the many wonders that social media brings. In this age, there are now many possibilities on how entertainment can be transformed. There are now thousands of ways on how from obscurity, one gets to become a worldwide phenomenon. Because of social media, entertainment has become very engaging that many people will become very immerse into consuming the experiences that is brought about by many social media networks. In this generation, social media is poised to dominate the topmost helm in the field of entertainment.