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Protecting Your Leather with the Best Leather Conditioner and Cleaner

Leather Conditioner

Ever wondered why they even made leather cleaners and conditioners?  Before owning your firstpiece of leather clothing, furniture or accessory, you may have never thought about why you would even need to own a handy leather conditioner.   But, since you got your first leather item which you found that that you become attached to, perhaps to your own surprised, you ...

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The History of Flip Flops by Mottos Flip Flops for Kids

Even though the term ‘flip flop’is less than fifty years old, the concept is actually centuries old. Indeed, they have been in existence for well over 6,000 years with one on display at the British Museum, reportedly made in 1500 BC. Its popularity has seemingly endured the test of time due to its easy going nature –just slip on and ...

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How to Use Chalk Markers to Brighten your Day

Chalk Markers

It is proven that a day started with a smile continues along on a happy trajectory for the rest of the day.  Essentially, starting off the day with a few happy reminders and quotes can keep you going for the rest of the day.  You might find that this can turn out to be a more productive day. One way ...

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Kids Craft – Turning Your House Into an Art Gallery with Chalk Pen!

Chalk Pen

When it comes to holiday seasons, we get the opportunity to spend more time with our children.   At this point we try to take them to their favorite places, to the park, summer camps, and so on.  But this time is also ideal to get to know your child more and to bond. Doing activities with your child is the ...

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The Benefits Of Using Flexible LED Strip Lights with Remote

LED Strip Lights with Remote

By now, most people use LEDs (light emitting diodes) at some point or for some purpose during their everyday lives. This kind of lighting has expanded in use from indicators on circuit boards and display lights on billboards to all kinds of domestic and commercial applications. Also, as a result of their increased popularity, the prices of LED lights have ...

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